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Full Version: Venom 400
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i guess its suppose to up the fuel mixture and add up to 25%HP. can anyone vouche for this? does it work. its like, $400 or something for it. thats a lot of money for one of the not so many mods we can get.
A while back somebody asked about this.....I personally dont have it, but of all the people who had it in their car, everyone said that you could really feel the difference. Although im sure this thread will attract all sorts of conflicting opinions about whether or not ECU based upgrades are appropriate mods, just to let you know. wink.gif
My friend had it in his MX-6 and he said it made a big difference. BUT, I've heard after a while it ****s up your motor. I think it tricks your ECU into misreading sensors or something like that.
Im pretty sure it tells the ECU that youre at wide open throttle at like 1/2 to 3/4 throttle, or something like that.......thus the feel of the added HP. However i would upgrade my ignition a little and get a A/F ratio gauge if i ever did get a venom, that way i know im not polluting the engine by running way too rich or something.
instead of spending 400 for that I had for 300 the SAFC2 wich is tunable so you can personalize it following your mods and if u change car it comes with you! wink.gif wink.gif
All piggy back computers trick your ECU. Half of them modify the incoming signal to the ECU, the other half modify the outgoing signal from the ECU. In general, piggy back computers are a safe bet.
I have one for sale if anyone is interested. The V400 does work but the amount of HP you get varies it isn't always guaranteed a 25% gain. Let me know if interested! wiggle.gif
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