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Full Version: adjusting idle speed on 7a-fe
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im having a little trouble finding this in the manual so any help would be apprechiated and the quicker the better..... there is no idle adjusting screw in the top of the throttle body so dont even go there.... pleeze help
this is kinda urgent since i need it fixed by the end of the day.... so pleeze help.... biggrin.gif
explain me what is your problem and how you need to adjust it
look on your throttle cable..there is the lttle cntroller thoing (sorry dunno what its called) and it does have screw of some sort you tighte...y do you need it tightened or whatever? and why does it have to be done by the end of 2day?
n/m guys ... thanx for all the help ... but i got it done about 20 mins ago... there was a set screw on top of the adjusting screw under the throttle assembly ... i had to loosen the set screw, adjust, then replace the set screw... took awhile to find though.... thanx
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