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Full Version: CAI for GT
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I'm standing by the fact that I can make one for the GTs but I need some help, I want to do it today so if ther is anybody out there that has some info on making on for the GT, please send it. I will take it step by stem and post in in the how-to.
its pretty simple. get a short ram intake, put that on. get some bendable exhaust piping and attach it with some heavy duty rubber gaskets( i used the kind they use for plumbing) it took me 2 pieces of bendable exhaust piping and i had to cut like an inch off of the 2nd piece to get it to fit right. put the cone filter on, make sure everything is tight, and your good. Oh, of course you need to take out your ENTIRE stock intake to do this, which is a bit annoying cuz there are a few screws inside of it that are pretty hard to get to, but its possible, i did it. you'll need to take out your splashguards( fender walls, whatever) to get to the bottom air box. i also recommend jacking the car up so you have some room to work. its pretty straight forward, just can be a bit tedious at times. just remember to bolt your splahguard back on after you finish and make sure everything is screwed in tightly, u dont want things fallin apart while your drivin. of course you could not go through all this trouble and just take your car to an exhaust shop and tell them to make you one, but that would cost a few hundred instead of the 30 this will cost and it'll prolly take longer. this is a less than a day job, unless you dont already have the short ram and are intending on just making one from scratch. in which case you would do the same thing, u would just need more exhaust piping and to somehow drill a hole that would fit your air sensor. i would suggest doin what i did, which i explained here. i should prolly post up a how-to on this since i think im one of like 5 ppl who have done it. i've also head of people using PVC pipe cuz it has the convenient bends already in it, but it could over heat and melt. if you build it far enough away from the engine, mine is pretty far away, the PVC pipe should work just fine, but i just used bendable exhaust piping. if you want it to look really good, injen sells extra gaskets you could use, but the $2 plumbing ones worked fine for me. plus i dunno if the injen ones would work perfectly, i had to work them a bit to get them to fit, but either way thats how to do it.
I know that I have to move the battery sideways but there is a black box on the side of the battery there is a wire running to it, I think it may be for cruise control, but anyways how do I move this out of the way? also how far down should the piping go?
There are about a billion topics already on CAI's, I've started 2 or 3, and answered in about 10!

please use the search tool, it is there for a purpose.
its easy... u just unscrew it. I didnt have to move my battery. tongue.gif unscrew the box that is in the way, the pipe should go under it, the fuse box right? once the pipe is in place, just put the box back where it was and screw it back in.. i thought that much was obvious... but if its the airbox of the car you are talking about, you need to get under the car, take off the splashguards and unscrew that thing and take it out. dont force, u might break somethin, and if your making a CAI, u prolly dont have the money to spare on breaking things. my pipe just extends to right behind my front bumper. the filter barely fits lol.
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