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Full Version: Stupid IDLE
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Well I'm having a problem with my car at cold start. Usually when i turn on my car in the morning it starts up and then turns off. What i do EVERY morning is i have to keep my foot on the peddle and gas it for a good 15 minutes till it gets warmed up. I know it's not the starter, alternator or battery. The dealer sed it was the fuel injection so they charged me an arm n a leg just to clean it out n the problem persisted. I used so many fuel injection cleaners n the problem still persists. Can anyone give me any insight on wut is goin on? BTW it's a 96 toyota celica gt w/ a 5sfe. Thanks!
sounds like it is your coil. Mine started doing that, but not as severe before I fixed it.

If you have not changed your distributor and wires, those may need to be replaced as well.

Lt me know if that works.

i believe it may be your egr system. this consists of egr vavle, modualtor, and one other piece but i cant remember right now. you can clean the filter on your modulator if that is it though. the egr system is mainly for emission but when not in good condition causes rough starts and rough idle.
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