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After much debation i've decided to pay 500 bucks more or so for the engine and try to get it from jarco. They have a drop out, which is the engine, transmission, ecu, and wiring harness, and the engine sub frame. Can i use this in place of a front clip? Any thoughts? Jarco's pricing is 1795, for an engine with around 70,000 miles, so how's that sound to everyone, still seems maybe steep to me, but perhaps more reliable than venus auto's front clip where we dont know the mileage and seems too cheap to be true.... Ok give me your thoughts, thanks everyone.
do you have a 5spd st?

if so then you should only need a few other parts
I've heard great things about people dealing with Jarco and nothing about Venus really. Anyways, it sounds like you'd be getting most everything you need from Jarco anyways, besides a few parts that would have to be custom fabed anyways.
Tell Jarco you want less miles, you will pay more and have to wait longer, but the engine looks cleaner and runs alot smoother IMHO.
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