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I wana do an engine swap over this summer. Were and what are the best engines to get. also where can i find someone to do this for me. Also the big question is cost. or should i just get a turbo. i have a st with 90 thousand miles on it which is still really low. if i do a swap i might as well not get any proformance stuff for this engine huh? any advice will be appreciated. basically i want 250 hp in the end. can anyone help me out.
also if i do an engine swap could i get a turbo for that engine to get more power.
The most common swap is the 3sgte (MR2 and gt-4) swap. The best one you can find is the 3rd generation which has about 215-225 hp. The only setback is the money and the work you need to do to fabricate it for a FWD car like yours. It's also pretty rare to find a 3rd gen 3sgte since they only made it in Japan.
You cant really define "best" with this. If you want the best 3sgte yeah, go with 3rd Gen. But its not 215-225, its a 255hp engine. The most common is the 2nd Gen, because that engine was released in the US, unlike the 3rd. Those engines range from 200-225 depending on where they're from. You dont have to fabricate anything to drop it in, u use an existing transmission. (I.E. GT, Curren, MR2 Turbo, or Camry V6.) Yeah the 3rd Gen is made in Japan, but is distributed all over Europe.

The 3sgte has a stock turbo - if you want 250 hp in the end, well that can be attained from doing a 3sge engine swap, and then acquiring bolt-ons and some more complex mods. The 3sgte can be modified well past 300hp with some bolt-ons and you will have no problem attaining 250hp. All of this information can be found on this website - you just gotta search.

To answer the original question - there are a few swaps that you can do, looking at the stick "feasible engine swaps" will help. You have an ST with 90K - ok well if u turbo that ur going to destroy your engine. Without completely rebuilding your 7afe with forged pistons, porting and polishing, boring it out - your never going to attain 250 with that engine. An engine swap is called to take around $5G. I'm basically finishing it around $3G but im also doing all the work myself. For ur purpose of having 250, i would recommend the 3sge. Again, you can find alot of the answers to your questions if u run a search.

Oh yeah - no matter what kinda swap you do, your going to have to get a new transmission - cuz urs blows. And since you have an ST, your probably going to want to get a front clip - which is going to cost you around 2500, but it'll include everything you need. So go from 2500 plus labor plus new stuff - plugs, belts, pumps, relays. Your looking at $4-5,000.
Another option with, since you have an ST is to swap in a 4agze. This engine is from the same family from as the 7afe and will bolt up to your stock tranny.
Also, if you havnt looked at the Feasible Engine swaps post by Coomer (its at the top of the engine/performance forum), you shoud do that because it answers some basic questions.
4agze is definately the more logical choice if you have an ST in my opinion...and maybe if you have the money, take out that supercharger and drop in a turbocharger
4agze won't get you 250 hp. maybe 220 max without sticking a turbocharger on there.

I'd stick with a 3sgte cause after you hit 250, you are gonna want more more more.
How much does work is needed to get the AWD to work on the FWD.
ask GT2GT4...

...alot. You basically have to buy a GT4 front and rear clip and swap out all the parts and then do some custom body fabrication so the rear differentials can fit and shizit, i havent really looked into it but if u ask GT2GT4 he'll know more.
Thanks for the information i think that i will switch to the 3sgt it sounds like a better plan thanks for the info. ST's really suck !
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