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Full Version: Weapon R Intake System
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Is this intake any good? How much hp increase did you or should you get?
I have one of the original weapon r intakes on my car, by original I mean not their new line of "dragon" intakes...those suck, IMO. I am pretty sure you can still order the original weapon r intakes and I can't give you an exact amount of HP gain you will get w/ out a dyno but it is safe to say you do get an increase. Hope this was helpful.

make your own cold-air-intake. its cheaper, more effective, and easy to do. directions in the how-to section of the site.
True, that is also a good option. Your car, do what ya want! wink.gif
I also have one of the original Weapon R intakes. The pipe itself is great, the filter element was a POS that was plastic and fell apart. I have a k&n in there now for the filter. It sounds awesome though, I'll try and get some sound bites for ya.
Yeah...I agree the filters that come on those intakes are big time POS, like you the K&N replacement is the way to go!
I also have the Weapon-R. The filter is a BAD idea. I advise you to go here and order a three inch pipe and fittings. Then get a aftermarket filter.
i have a weapon-r dragon intake. the filter sux. i also replace w/ a cone filter. get a dolocek racing intake. i have heard nothing but good things about these. i am planning on getting one soon. is their website i think.
Yeah, I have it to. I also replaced it with a K&N filter. If your looking for an intake, either make your own or get the CAI from evilspeed.
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