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Full Version: Hood Insulation
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I didnt know where to put this...

How many of you have the carpet stuff atached to the underside of the hood? And what is this stuff for, cause i hope its not important cause i tore mine out...
I did the same thing its just insulation I think it's suposed to try to keep you hood cooler or something, I don't think it is very important a lot of cars don't even come with them

no thats wrong

its a fire proof material

if your engine catches on fire for some reason its kind of a blanket to fall onto the flames to put it out.

Oh, well learn something new everyday I guess thanks for making that clear. Sorry for the wrong info I know how that drives a lot of people crazy on here.
heh if the car starts on fire it deserves to burn!
will it fade my hood paint if I take it out? mine looks bad
QUOTE (jayi12-15psi @ Jun 1, 2003 - 10:00 PM)
will it fade my hood paint if I take it out? mine looks bad

no it wont fade the hood.

my friend was test drivin a 1967 mustang when the engine caught on fire. after burning for like 4 minutes, all that happened to the hood was some bubbling in the paint.

the paint wont get damaged from the heat of a normal running engine.
I heard that it was not a fire proof material, I mean obviously if you look at it, its almost cotton like... I think it would catch fire faster! And anyways it might help the engine out a little by letting it dispearse heat better, with the cloth stuff on my hood my engine could have heated a small house!

edit: it is just sound deadening material...
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