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Full Version: what do i need to do the 3sgte swap
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ok i was told i need the sensors and engien and ecu and wiring harness and the radiator and intercooler is all of this true

i was told all i need is the engine an ecu and wiring harness
Dude, no offense, but do a search first - ur question has been answered alot.
What kind of engine are you looking to swap?
What kind of engine do you have currently?
How much are you willing to spend?
How powerful do you want ur new engine?
get front clip, when you get front clip come back and ask more questions. whatever you do dont just get the engine and try to get the other parts, youll want to shoot yourself if you do. good luck
better yet, buy jdm gt4.
go to

they are probably the best quality lowest mileage and service.

Ask questions first no matter if u get flamed or not - cuz last thing you want is half a car and not being able to do ne thing with it.
You can get just the engine - but know EXACTLY what is coming with it. If it doesnt come with a full harness - dont get it. If it doesnt come with an ECU, dont get it.
You need more or less depending on your current trimline - ST or GT. ST ur going to need a new tranny and some custom work to do those engine mounts. Also, if u have an ST - get the front clip - you'll need so many other parts it'll be worth the extra grand. If you have the GT - u can use ur stock tranny but ur still going to need some here and there stuff. Plus replace belts, fluids, gets pricey. Its not just a wham bam thank you maam kinda job here. Thats why like 10-15 ppl outta this entire site are doin it.
its just the engine it comes with the trany ecu and all of the sensors but no wiring harness they said when they get the engines the wiring harness is all reddy cut so i will just take it to a dyno shop and have them extend my old wiring harness to fit the new engine
thats more time and money - but its up to you. The more you have the better.
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