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Full Version: MOTOR hp / air conditioning
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alright i have been running my air now since it is hot out i have never ran it befor ejsut heat and i notice my motor has SH#$ HP when i try and accelerate with it on it is also a lot jerkier and my motor feels 5-10% less potent does anyone else have this problem if so how do you cure it other than turning off the air conditioning system smile.gif any ideas would be helpfull biggrin.gif
yea if you have the air on it will take up more engine power because the engine has to spin the accesory more.

the way to cure this

turn the a/c to vent. and there is a button on the lower right hand corner. make that be out not in.

turn it to cold obviously....
Dude its even worse on a ST. Air Con always uses more fuel and kills acceleration.
thats what i have an ST and its stick i think i will burn out my clutch having the a/c on
funny, its not that bad in my ST. i do get worse gas milage with it on but that goes with every car. when i have the ac on, i turn it off when i am at a light because the lights around here take forever to change. i turn it on again after i get moving so that air actually passes through the condenser and it doesnt get heat soaked.

on my last tank of gas(used the ac alot) i drove 360 miles and filled up the tank with 13 gallons making for about 27.7mpg all city driving to my normal 29mpg.

besides, you can always pull a 2-60
get an underdrive pulley. it'll improve things substantially. smile.gif
QUOTE (gjunon @ Jun 1, 2003 - 9:10 AM)
thats what i have an ST and its stick i think i will burn out my clutch having the a/c on

biggrin.gif sorry man, that's just funny. You won't burn the clutch out. Just don't expect to go anywhere fast with the AC on, pretty simple. If you REALLY need to accelerate fast, just turn the AC off.
I have to turn the A/C off if i want to accelerate hard, it's starting to get really annoying. Do you think an underdrive pully will help enough
I don't understand. There's just that one little button you have to press to turn it off. Are you slowing down and accelerating so much that pushing that button is annoying? An underdrive pulley would help, but there's the debate as to whether is lessens the life of the engine because some don't have a harmonic resonator chingaderas thingy.
Are there any disadvantages to turning your a/c on and off frequently? Is it bad for the car at all?
I imagine if you did it rapidly, it would cause unwanted stress on the access pulley. I mean, if you just did like when you need to accelerate (again, assuming you're not doing this like 4 times a minutes) it should be fine.
i've never noticed a huge problem. do you guys floor it out of every stop light? or am i just a conservative driver? if you are, i mean, that's just not good for your car.
its not annoying that i have to push a little button, it annoying that I have to turn my A/C off to make my car move. Even if i could say something to shut it off, it would still be annoying.
maybe your compressor is starting to go out.

the AC compressor on my dad's civic siezed 2 days ago and the engine is at the brink of stalling if it is turned on at idle.
His compressor isn't going out, it's just that A/C on a 4 cyl car sucks power like nobody's business. It's just a fact of life. You want power with AC, go get a V8.
damn strait it sucks power!!! i just didnt even realize how much because i hardly used it because it was winter now that its freaking hott out i hate and i can totally feel the acceloration difference its killing me!!!!!!
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