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Full Version: fuel pressure regulator
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does anyone have an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator? if si, how hard was it to install, and how do you adjust it. (what psi)?
i hdo have an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator from cosmo racing. took me about 30 minutes to install...i adjust it to 45psi (i have turbo ) but none turbo are usually 30-35psi...or u can adjust it to 40psi if u want.
TRD makes a FPR
i have one of these and i work it around 35psi but i havent notice any hp gain its like it was before i got it
I might be wrong maikl, but that seems quite low for your car?

Did you change to bigger injectors or you have the safc maxing out the duty cycle?

Any luck on the cams?
the toda racing told me that the cams will fit the altezza 100% but they dont give any gurenties for my car,so i dont know if i am going to take the risk.......... as for the regulator i will try 40psi, oh as for the aftermarket ecu i've got the greddy e-manage but it has not been installed on my car yet we are waiting for some answers from greddy first
Ok. I think that the psi for toyota cars is 43psi.

So,you will need to 48psi to see any real effect from that added amount of fuel.

Nice job on the greddy e-manage ecu. Yor are on the right path. I will research this ecu to see how it compares to motec, autronics and EMS TECIII.

The cams for the altezza should fit your car; atleast the intake one.

If you can, buy both, check them out and if there do not work, you always have ebay motors there.
ok, could one of you guys walk me through the install? if you have pics it would be great. thanks

Can you please take this honor since you have a celi
can anyone help me?
Is there a shop close by you that you can get one?

user posted image

I can tell you how to do it, but you may need some extra parts depending on which model you get.

Looking at the picture, you will see 3 prominent outlets.

Forget about the other one which has a bolt plug in it, since this reg. is a trd one.

Basically, you will disconnect you battery and adhere to caution when dealling with fuel.

Remove your stock fuel regulator.

It will have a one fuel line going to it and a vacuum hose.

You will notice that the reg. have an oval bottom.

You will need to get an adapter to fit that housing. Your local auto parts store should have them.

Put on the fitting and attach a rubber hose from the either the smallest connection on the reg. or the to the connector at the botto of the reg. You small manual would help you with that.

Attach the other side to fuel line. Use clamps to securely hold the hoses on. If not, you can upgrade to braided hose which you can get with fittings at the end.

Some reg. comes with the ability to attach fuel pressure gauges to them.

You can buy a seperate gauge and put a T connector between the reg. and the fuel rail which has the oval fitting.

Attach the batter and the turn the ignition for a 1 sec or so without starting the car.

Check for leaks. Do this for a longer period of time.

Check the pressure gauge and set it to 43-44psi.

See how you car idle. attach for high psi for greater performance. Remember not to pollute your enviroment.

This thing this will help you to get the picture.

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