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Full Version: my ac blow hot air
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my ac blows in hot air when i crank it to max cold and full blast
it still blows in hot air for ten mins past and then i take it out for a spin and it still blows in hot air

anybody know whats wrong ?
Your AC compressor might be broken, anyway it sure seems like it's something you need to get replaced.
My temperature was not working right before and it was because the valve wasn't opening and closing correctly. There's a wire that pushes and pulls the valve open and closed that runs from the back of the heat controls to the engine compartment. What I did is that I went behind the controls and there was a little clip that held the wire in place that I just simply snapped right back into place. It was just as simple as that. I hope I could help.
your ac need juice..
You probably have a leak somewhere. You have to go to a shop and they'll pour this dye into the system to find the leak. Fix the leak and get your ac recharged. Depending on where the leak is, it could be a cheap fix or an expensive fix.
ya i guess i have to take it to the shop and get it updated
thx u guys
when i got my celica it was the month of july and when i test drove it the a/c worked like a charm then like when i was driving it home after i wrote them the check it stopped working. so i took it back and they fixed it for like 2 days then it stopped working again. so they fixed it again. then it worked great forever. like 2 weeks later i went back to get my plates and the guy was like does it work good? i said yea then i was like what was wrong with it?

he says oh well the first time i fixed it i did something different than i did the second time....

dumass hick
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