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Full Version: Cold Front Intake
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Has anyone tried putting a Cold Front Intake on their Celica?


Im looking into doing this, but I have no idea where I would get the custom piping made to fit.
There is a post around here about some kind of Akimoto piping or something like that, or you could just make your own piping.
i personally dont think it will be worth while, its like a semi ram aim setup and looks like a fake intercooler.

besides, werent you selling you celica?
Those cheasy looking intakes, I believe arospeed makes them. Either way a big 97sccelica said "fake intercooler and not worth while." Plus some damn civics have em'...I like nothing about Civics! thumbsdown.gif
I'm guessing that that would be for cars with small fenders. With that, you might be able to use a TRD filter smile.gif
don't you mean...


thats different than an *interfooler* but still a waste of time and money. sure youd get some gains, but no more than any normal CAI.
i removed my driver side bright, and ran the piping to that, and then made a sheet metal box, kinda ram air =)
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