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Full Version: reverse noise
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Sometimes when I put my car in reverse I hear a high pitch swishing almost squealing noise. It doesn't happen very often. Can ayone tell me what this noise could be. I drive a standard.
Ive never heard it in my car, but my cousins integra, and my friends integra do the same thing, even when they were new.
ALL honda trannies(or atleast the ones attatched to the i4 engines) make that noise in reverse.

toyota trannies, from what i have noticed, do not. check your fluid level. does it happen when the tranny is warm? or does temp not make a difference.
It happens all the time my celi makes that noise as well i say its normal.
It doesn't happen when its warm. I only happens if its been sitting for a while and I put it in reverse.
the reverse gears r strait gears so there going to make noise, its normal. but check ur fluid anyway.
yea that has happened on every car i have ever driven. if your going slowly it shouldnt really happen, but if you let the clutch out all the way you'll prolly hear a lil noise like "raar" i wouldnt worry about it.
Yehp every manual I've driven has done that firend once told me it was my power steering...lmao! (I kicked him in the leg don't worry)
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