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Full Version: 5sfe/3sgte head swap
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I was just wondering if anyone had any info about this, or could point me somewhere to see what all would be involved in creating such a hybrid (ie. 5sgte). I have a 5sfe engine and came across an auction on ebay for a 3sgte head. The thought was, larger torque with the higher cc block, along with the extra performance and mod capabilities of the 3sgte head.

So far the only thing I've found about this was:
here (scroll down to the "5sfe build up" section


PS, I just registered, props to the site, great info.

welcome, i have the same question.... but i think it would be cheaper and mabye easier to do the SWAP. but thats just my 02

get a 3sgte swap, and use some parts from the 5sfe and strok the 3sgte to 2.2l. gets the same effect as a head swap, is easier, and will be cheaper
Here's the link to the auction I was speaking of above. (In case anyone was interested)

I haven't researched other parts like intake manifold/throttlebody, ECU, etc. but if I could get this thing shipped for $300 or less, wouldn't it be cheaper than buying a whole 3sgte and having it stroked to 2.2L?

Plus I think it would be a fun project, if feasable. I'm by no means an expert but have a good friend that could definately help me out should I decide to pursue it. Also, I would be the only one with a 5sgte. HP + Torque, interesting hypothesis.

to do a toyota head swap you need everything except the block and stuff below the pistons(i think the pistons need to be changed too)
I researched this project for a while and I've concluded that it wouldn't be feasable. Apparently you'll need to machine the head for more coolant ports. Plus there may not be enough valve clearance. It is possible, but there are too many questions that need to be answered before it is done by an amateur like myself. boring out a 3sgte to a 2.2 would have the same effect.
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