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Just wondering what every one was getting for gas mileage. tried searching but the whole 3 word search function not working but a damper on that one. so post up, lemme know what you guys (and girls) are getting
old 5sfe motor with an intake header exhaust.... around 26-28 mpg.... now I get 17mpg on a 3sgte at 10psi.
QUOTE(burneeed @ Apr 11, 2006 - 5:49 PM) [snapback]420198[/snapback]
old 5sfe motor with an intake header exhaust.... around 26-28 mpg.... now I get 17mpg on a 3sgte at 10psi.

Last 218 miles cost me about $80 in fuel alone.
The great thing about the search is if "gas" doesnt work, theres always the word "mileage" Heres a few i found:

Theres quite a few replys within those 4.
With about 300 miles driven so far, i'm getting about 27.
i'd say about 30 ish. and i usually drive somewhat responsibly.
hm... wow.. the gt's can actually get pretty good gas mileage... never measured my gas mileage yet... but never thought it'd be so good when the rpms are so high @ 120km/h on the highway...

really good brush up on my standard transmission driving skills
22ish city/25ish hw

22MPG Highway/and I once got to New Orleans from Houston on a tank of gas with some left over to drive around on - SAFCII's are good for that wink.gif
450-500kms/tank smile.gif
1995 gt with 5s-fe manual transmission. I get 25-26 city/highway mixture. If I ever baby the throttle I'll let you know whats the best mileage I can get. But so far Im always in the throttle.
if i drive mainly highway, about 400km/tank. if it's in town only, maybe 250km/tank.
22-24 mpg on the Highway, you dont wanna know what city driving does to the mileage:(
well im getting ready to move back to the west coast. i moved from reno, nv to reading, pa. things didnt work out and now im going back on monday. expecting about a 4 or 5 day trip, just trying to guestimate cost. thanks for the reply's. smile.gif
I think I normally get somewhere around 22-25... I don't ever push it real hard but Im light on the pedal by any means. Hey, have a safe trip man.
thanks. last time around i posted like almost every day on where i was and what i saw. this time i wont have access to a computer, so i will just post up before i leave and when i get home. :-D
QUOTE(Mr_E @ Apr 11, 2006 - 6:47 PM) [snapback]420224[/snapback]

Last 218 miles cost me about $80 in fuel alone.

Yep same here and on track last year I got around 5 miles to the US gallon biggrin.gif I love my GT4 laugh.gif
270-320 miles per tank...the most was 340 miles doubt that i'll get that again...

edit: after i got the headers for my 5sfe i did 385mi at about 14 gallons...roughly 27-28mpg(about 75% highway)
ST..30+ mpg, I drive the speed limit everywhere though. The performance is a disappointment but the 5-speed makes it fun

96 GT Manual, i usually get 330-340 miles. Longest i've gone is around 352.
I guess for me about 27 highway 25 city? ive gone 380 miles all the way till the sucker started sputtering from lack of fuel. but DAYUM! 12 mpg with the 3s swap!?!?!? i thoght they did better than that on mileage! SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME that hey do better than that!
yah I dont know what that guy is talking about? My swap when I drive like a normal human drives I get between 17-22.... depending on how much I hit boost... thats also around 10psi.
i get about 360 miles to a full tank on premium gas...thats roughly 28 mpg....not bad
im making a long tripp in the 7AGTE so i will let you guys know im guess mid high 20's on the highway mid to low in town
QUOTE(burneeed @ Apr 14, 2006 - 3:56 AM) [snapback]421344[/snapback]

yah I dont know what that guy is talking about? My swap when I drive like a normal human drives I get between 17-22.... depending on how much I hit boost... thats also around 10psi.

yah same here. boosting im getting 17-22 also...when i keep below boost im prolly mid maybe high 20's. i know i went to AC from north jersey and it only took me half a tank round trip. lol it aint that bad with the 3SGTEs

btw im at 12psi

i get about 370 stock auto ST.
I am getting like 260 on a half tank these days. Almost all highway and absolutely nothing in the trunk. Takes talent. I think the half tank also helps must be like 100 lbs lighter at the start.
yah when your not hitting boost in a 3s its pretty darn good on gas.
I get 400 mi + a tank in my stock 5sfe with 75,000 mi. Only add on is cold air intake. Basically 26-31 MPG.
'96 ST atx, 30mpg (35mpg with mostly highway driving). Gas is about $3 per gallon (87) here in New York. Last tank of gas I got 430 miles out of, I put in 12 gallons. (haha yes I pay too much attention to MPG smile.gif)
Just broke 700 kms on a tank, 7.48 lt/100 km = 37.8 miles per gallon = 31.5 miles per US gallon.

about 80% highway, 20% city. 87 octane of course...

95 gt manual trans. mostly highway 29.89 mpg. at 70-90 mph sometimes higher speeds!
how're you guys measuring it?
On a full tank of gas. Run until empty. Then I fill it as much as possible. Then MORE to make sure its at least the mpg Im getting. The 29 is mostly highway on the way to work. Thats completely stock (wheels, tires, 5s-fe). Calculated many trips 27-29
I usually put 89 on my ST.. would it still run fine with 87??

Ill fill my tank up after the AutoX and see how much I can get
I always run 87 in my cars. If it dont ping your OK!
Old 3S-GE engine 20-22mpg average, best was 28mpg
New 3S-GTE engine 20-30mpg: 20 = boosting, 30= highway/cruising

This may sound VERY strange but its true. With the turbo engine I have less fuel consumption than with my old 3S-GE.

But you can't compare me with most the 3s swappers here, most have a 2nd gen 3s-gte with a US GT tranny and I have the 3rd gen 3s-gte with a "JDM" 3S-GE tranny with has a longer Final Drive/differential.
@ 75 mph I drive @ 3200 RPM where the stock US GT tranny is @ 3800-3900 RPM.

Final Drive
JDM/EU GT tranny: 3.944
US GT tranny: 4.176
ummm...dunno but my st gets 410-430 full tank...
QUOTE(yochi @ Jun 9, 2006 - 12:25 AM) [snapback]442865[/snapback]

ummm...dunno but my st gets 410-430 full tank...

that sounds right unless i'm angry mad.gif

than its about 350-370

i need a new 02 sensor though and my regis./smog is due by end of the month frown.gif

i hate California... no LEGAL 3sgte/4age and $100+ every 2 years just to drive my slow car around that doesn't get anywhere close to destroying the atmosphere as those poontananang?( i'm trying to learn tagalog through my girlfriend) dodge rams!!! yet it still doesn't pass smog.... why???? i think it's greedy mechanics
just got done taking a road trip to cali from oregon and averaged about 38mpg with my 95gt with an auto tranny. i cruised between 65-70mph and the engine is stock other than a cone filter and 150k miles on it. city driving though i get only btwn 25-28mpg frown.gif i miss my little escort that averaged 45mpg hwy and 35mpg city! lol
Hell yeah 33.75MPG on todays fillup.
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