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Full Version: Please help !!!
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What in the hell does it mean when your engine rapidly jumps rpm's while running. It goes down to 900 rpm's and then jumps up and then down again and so on... I need help still will drive but the car has a mind of its own now . i tried resetting the comp but that didnt work . I checked all of the hoses and everything else but cant find anything wrong. is it possible that a gasket is bad in the intake manifold ? i say this because i took it off by removing the top 3 bolts and the bolts near the injectors but when i found that there were more i decided not to remove it . When i started it back up .,the above problem started....PLEASE HELP
Logic kinda is showing that its probably what u did thats screwing it up - but if u all u did was take bolts out and put them in, kinda doesnt make sense. Sorry i cant be more of a help but i would try undoing ne thing u did.
Oh dont worry i do not doubt that its something that i did . but what i am asking is when i put the intake manifold back on . if the gasket was not on exact would it cause the engine to sporatically jump rpm's ?
its possible but you'd probably notice it when the cars idling - if theres a pressure problem your car will be really sputtery at idle.
well hopefully autozone can pull a code for me . but i do think that that is what it is .oh yeah and this is while the car is idleing .
Mine kinda jumps...but that spiratically....
if the gasket is screwed up then it will have a leak and that could cause the idle to be erratic. u can get the codes urself but i think autozone doeas it free. let us know what code it has if one comes up maybe i can help out a little more.
My friend is having the same problem with his GSR and my other friend had the same problem with his Type R. Change your Idle air bypass valve or idle control valve (something like that.) You'll find is on your intake manifold. This should solve the problem. Hit me back and let me know if this is correct.
autozone does do it for free, but they can only read code 2

they dont have an adapter for our diagnostic port

so you cant get the codes from autozone rolleyes.gif
maybe also a MAP failure. if the MAP doesn't work right the ECU reads wrong values of incoming air....check it smile.gif smile.gif
u don't need an adapter u can do it urself with a piece of wire or paper clip if u know what terminals to cross and know how to read the blinking light and there should be two DLC's on our cars to do this. once u get the code all u need is a manual to see where the problem is.
i will give it a shot.thanks guys for your help
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