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Full Version: Power Neo Fuel device
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Anyone seen this part? It's a round orange device that attaches to the feul line. This is what was written about it: Has anyone seen results?

A new Top Fuel part, POWER NEO is released: using high quality neodymium magnet power.

By using POWER NEO, the driver have at his disposal a simple but effective fuel tuning solution. This solution provides increased power, improved torque, enhanced engine response, treated fuel, and cleaner exhaust emissions.

To improve your vehicle performance, just attach the POWER NEO product to your vehicle's fuel supply hose.

POWER NEO fits all gasoline driven vehicle models.

POWER NEO is effective as long as the magnet power is present. This is an economical tuning part, and requires no alterations to your vehicle.

POWER NEO provides a cleaner exhaust emission, and is environmental friendly.
In fuel tuning, acheiving a complete combustion of gasoline is the most difficult task.

POWER NEO, by using an extremely strong magnetic field to finely re-arrange the fuel molecules, a more complete gasoline combustion is made possible (please see image).


POWER NEO uses a strong magnetic field from the neodymum magnets to re-arrange the gasoline molecules to be in a more structured which provides a more complete combustion. This improves the combustion efficiency, and in turn reduces the amount of unburnt gasoline and corbon monoxide in the hydrocarbon infested exhaust gas. Carbon monoxide is the main component in exhaust gas pollution. POWER NEO is able to contribute to the global warming reduction which is the biggest environmental problem today.

There are some aftermarket performance parts that uses similar magnet power to increase engine performance, like in oil filter applications, but POWER NEO's main purpose is to acheive a more complete gasoline combustion, and provide the driver a more dramatic increase in engine performance.

With POWER NEO, the driver will see a dramatic improvement in torque at low RPM levels. This improved torque is a result of a more explosive combustion due to a more complete fuel burn (as close as 100%). Power is improved through out the RPM range without pressing the accelerator too much. This will also improve mileage as a result of lesser fuel consumption.

Even in Formula One racing, full gasoline combustion is very much difficult to acheived. Full combustion of gasoline is one of the main purpose in engine tuning. There are currently no engine tuners that exist that could tune an engine to have a complete gasoline combustion. POWER NEO is a new engine tuning product concept that even the automobile manufacturer, or racing has not invented yet.


POWER NEO comes with an installation tool to first open up the POWER NEO. Once the POWER NEO is opened, attach & clamp the POWER NEO to the vehicle fuel supply line either between the fuel tank, fuel injectors, or fuel pump. If the fuel line is 12 mm in diameter or smaller, please use the optional spacer provided.

It is recommended that the POWER NEO be attached as close as possible to the fuel injectors for better results. It is not recommended to use a stainless steel fuel supply hose when using the POWER NEO product as it will decrease the magnetic field strength. See below pictures on selected vehicle models for best results.
Sounds like BS to me. Even if it created a strong enough magnetic field to align your gas molecules (which I'm not even sure if they are polar), the minute it exited the field the molecules would go back to being random. And even if they were aligned that wouldn't do anything for combustion.
user posted image
user posted image
here are sum pics.
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