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Full Version: 4agze Headers
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I've finally found a place that has some 4agze's available, the only problem is the one i want, an ae101, doesnt have exhuast headers. So the only thing holding me back from getting that one is that i cant find anywhere that sells these damn headers. There is another 4agze available at the same place that does have the headers but it is an ae92 AFM version whereas i think i might rather have the ae101 MAP. HELP!!!?!?!? Am i just stupid and this thing uses some sort of standard header? Could i use my current 7afe header (i really doubt that but hey who knows), any assistance would be great. I want to get this engine ordered ASAP so i can have my car back sometime this summer!!!!!!

i just bought a 4ag(Z)e exhaust flange, which can be used for having a company make a custom exhaust header for you! It is C&C machined and polished. i purchased it for $75 and will sell for the same price. I would use it but my plans have changed and i am not doing a 4agze anymore. if you are interested email me at
you can't use the 7afe one. you wouldn't want to anyway. you can get a TRD one or a Cusco one, but they will be very $$ and offer minimal gains. i'd shy away from getting a custom one, if you do make sure it's not too big, VERY IMPORTANT. go somewhere that knows what they are doing if you go this route, don't just run to any exhaust shop.
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