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Full Version: Exhaust work done
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i got my 2.5" piping routed from my cat back to my muffler last week. it made my car alot louder and increased the power some. it cleared up the dead spot from 5200rpm's on. i definately suggest doing this if you are trying to sqeeze out a little extra power. just don't rev it up when the car isn't completely warmed up, i heard a little rasp the first time i reved it. but only once did that happen.
It would be nice to know if the 2.5 is working better than 2, 2.25.

Can you do a dyno?
is it silly loud, or good loud? if you could muster a sound clip that would be good. Also how much did you spend?
I have 2.5" crush bent piping, and it's good loud, rather than silly loud. I really like it, and I don't get hassled by police for it. I can try to record a sound clip with my laptop a little bit later for you.

By the way, my piping and 5Zigen muffler installation costed me $100.
Below is a link to a 85k mp3 file of me driving away from my laptop computer. The sound clip is approximately twelve seconds long.

Click here to listen/download.

Let me know what you think.
Thats swweeeett! How much did that exhaust cost and where you get it???
yeah, mine was $100 and it sounds about like coomers, but a little deeper (must be the .4 extra liters wink.gif )
Sounds good.
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