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Full Version: Pros cons of redline+?
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Im gona show my real lack of knowldege about cars right now. Whats the big con to passing redline in a ST. Obviously you will go faster for the period of time you hold it over but to what point is at all safe if it is at all. Can you hold it 200 rpms over ok? Basicaly what im tryna say in a convoluted way, Why do they have the redline mark is that a STOP HERE or like a stop sign.... its sugested you stop.
if your topping out its ok but taking off and stuff you just lose power
There s really no need to go over the redline at stock.

At that point, you are losing power and torque all around.

It would help you to keep high in the rpm range when shifting.

The redline is mark to engine safety.

At that point, anything is liable to happen.

If you want to go over the readline, you will have to look at upgrading your valve train and putting in some 256 -264 cams to get more power in that region or close to it.

There is alot to it which can be going into later.

At this point, just concentrate on improving engine and car response in the allow rpm range.
Alright thanks confused.gif understand a bit better
pros: not any that i can think of.

cons: burn more oil, have deposits form, less life for engine, less power, less torque, chance of throwing a rod or overheating which could warp cylinder walls, etc.
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