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Full Version: Lookin to spend some big cash on my st
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Ive got a 95 st and am lookin to get it runnin at its maximum not reall sure how i want to go about it and would love to get some info from you guys at this point moneys no big deal but i dont wanna upgrade to a better motor let me know what yall think
sell and get a GT then.. If your not swapping, there is nothing you can do with an ST that's worth a ****.
if you dont wanna upgrade to a better motor there is pretty much nothing that you can do to make big power. i would say to get a 4a-gze and swap that in. should run you about 2000 after installation and clip purchase.
Ok. You have a number of swapped engines which I would advice to you.

1) 4AGZE

2) 4AGE

3) 4AGE 20v Silver top

4) 4AGE 20v Black top (last generation of the 20valve 4age engines)

If you could get the 4AGZE, then get and do a swap. If not get any of the other 4age.

These engines will swap back into your car since it is carrying the 7AFE engine. An "A" engine. Everything would mount back powerly.

Check out these links on the forum:-

If possible, get the front cut for the 4age.

After that, it is very easy to get performance parts for the 4AGE engines.

Alot of parts can come from Toda Racing
hey if money really isn't a big deal then do they engine swap... you could alway turbo the 7afe but for 3000 for the turbo you can get a engine swap thats going to get you a shiiiiii load more of power..
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