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Full Version: 94 GT JDM Intake
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Can someone help me out with this one?
I have a 1994 GT (3sge) JDM imported Celica.

Looking at the standard airbox, following the rubber air pipe back to the manifold there is another box attached about halfway between the manifold and the airbox.
Somebody on this forum mentioned that it may be a "manifold noise reducer"???

Can someone clarify what this is and what benefits there are in having it.

The reason I am asking is because I wanted to get an injen induction kit,
But the kit comes with a new cone air filter and chrome pipe, this pipe goes directly into the manifild and has no extra connector for this strange box.

Can I put the injen kit on and do away with this noise reducer?
What are the performance differences/problems with having it removed?

Anyone have any ideas?
Also anyone have a downloadable owners repair manual for the 1994 GT?
Any help would be much appreciated........
it is most likely the intake resonator. basically it makes your intake quite. removing it will get you a slightly lounder engine but i doubt you will get any power. you could wait and get a full intake.
Don't worry about the box, you won't need it at all. Just makes the intake quieter. No power loss or nothing. Put the new pipe and filter element in and you're good to go.
Thanks guys, looks like that induction kit is going to be the first on my list of items.

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