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Full Version: Resurface Flywheel
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well, my clutch finally went out and im getting new clutch kit. I'm either going to have to get new flywheel or resurface but i have some issues about resurfacing. do they make shims (extensions) for toyota flywheels so it makes the flywheel closer to the clutch after you resurface it. if anybody knows what im talking about, maybe you can reword this for me, its kinda hard to explain by typing lol
hey!, Good point!. I had my fly resurfaced and have never thought about it but I understand what your talkinga bout.

Maybe you have to push the clutch in a little more for the friction point and thats it?

I dunno what im on about. sorry.
typically the resurfacing of the flywheel isnt enough material removed to cause a difference, all it is doing is basicall taking off a layer of your clutch disc to expose the flywheel, it also adds a lil ruffness to it for better engagement, you shoundt have to worry about anything like increased gap
well, my father is helping me put in the new clutch at his shop but he said im probably going to have to buy new flywheel, he says he puts on shims for vw & volvos and other foreigns but he called toyota dealership and they said they dont make shims for toyota, they might say that just to get more money?
while you're changing your clutch, you should have your flywheel lightened or get a lightened flywheel. Makes a big difference.
i would buy a light flywheel, when you lighten a stock peice it could explode due to weakening and thats highly dangerous
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