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Full Version: whats going on?
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Alright, I can't figure it out...I have my ideas and want to hear your feedback to make a judgement call. When the car is reved slightly and then stopped you can hear an annoying vrrrr...kind of noise alng w/ the exhausts normal rumble. It sounds like it is coming from the front part of the cat-back exhaust where it meets the cat. converter...I could be wrong. It sounds like somethin w/ the exhaust a gasket maybe or what??? If you have any thoughts PLEASE let me know. Thanks alot!
Your heatshield might be a bit loose and may be vibrating against the exhaust.

When the car is cold go under the car and shake the exhaust a bit and see if its contacting anywhere.

It could be the muffler. The baffling might be gone and in that case its probably best to get a new muffler.

Hope this helps
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