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Full Version: squeak when i shift from 1st
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my car was sitting for a few months, in the shop for a bit gettin the new body work and whatnot done... now when i am shifting from 1st to second, during that split second when your feat alternate, it does like this squeak thing, you can hear it both in a nd out of the car... anyone know what it could be??? is it cuz it was sittin so long?? but its not like it wasnt driven or anything... i mean, they would move it once in a while, just to keep it active or whatver....

change your gear-box oils
lol--- ok, so that prolly is connected to the leak i have-- my transmission gear oil is leaking... ok, thanks
good luck i hope that the oil is the only proplem with your gear-box
set it in neutral and engage/disengage the clutch a few times, if you hear it while doing that, its just the boot on the slave cylinder squeaking, nothing to worry about, probably just some fluids got on it.
alright, ill give that one a try today--- thanks
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