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Hey all, just sayin hi. Honestly i currently do not own a celica but plan on gettin one in the near future and swappin in a 3sge. I joined because i would like to meet ppl, learn alittle, and just help, where i can. I currently live in south dakota, and once i get my celica, plan on starting on it as my second project car, next summer....
go swap BEAMS 3sge
Welcome to this awesome site! biggrin.gif

haha I came here for the same reason biggrin.gif exact same reason... 3sge lol although I have some different plans for my celi when I get it (soon)
welcome homie. Forget that 3s...5s baaby!!!! smile.gif
thanks for the welcom all, but i have a quik question. On the topic of the beams 3sge, i know that it is better over the 3rd gen mostly because of the vvti, and the dual vvti options, but as far as tuning, how far can one go with the beams. I read on another forum that the beams is limited in tuning due to the fact of the vvti that makes it great.....the reason why im asking this is because, reagrdless of the engine, i plan on rebuilding it from the ground up......any input......and also, whith either of the swaps, 3rd gen 3sge, or beams, how hard is it to swap it in ......anyone ever done one, and posted up the info.........sry about the questions, just very curious.....
good luck with the beams swap. i heard that engine's pretty expensive and hard to find. as for swapping it in... its pretty much bolt on if you get a gt. if you get an st, you're gonna need new motor mounts, tranny, other stuff. that's all i know. but there are a lot more ppl here that know way more than i do. so yeah, welcome to the site.
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