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Full Version: Almost got into an accident X_X
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So I was driving around 11pm last night dropping off my girlfriend when suddenly in the middle of the road (huge busy road too) I ran over a glass bottle. After I dropped her home, I quickly ran out of the car and inspect the front left wheel. My fears were right when I saw shads of glass pierce deeply into the whee. I had to go home right away. Knowing that my tire was in a bad condition becauseof the shard I decided to take the local way, to avoid hitting the highway at night. Near my house I hit a terrible bump that suddenly made my car jerk really hard to the left. The car skid and almost went to the left lane with a truck comming full speed. Thankfully we both avoided an accident and I drove home really slowly without a problem. This morning I found out the problem and have hoped to just get the tire repaied. The tire is only several MONTHS old. I found out that the tire cannot be fix and theres a huge pierce that leaks air everytime theres pressure on it. Furthermore, the tire I found out is very expensive. When I bought the car, the woman had the tires changed and gave it expensive ones. I don't want to one different tire brand out of the three. I just dont think its safe.

I was told a tire will cost me 135+. Although its not much of a problem... Looking for it is.

Does anyone know where I can find this specific tire.

I wrote down what it had on it.

Brand -BF Goodrich 205/55R15 88V M+S
E4 0219968
Treadwear 440
Traction AA
Temperature A
just get two new ones and put them in the front...falkens are good and cheap (for stock size)
Whats the name of the tire? It should have another name opposite side of the BF GOODRICH sign. I would check out a Firestone if you have em.

Or do what hurley said, in which you could get two new tires for around 130.
The moral of the story is to use the spare tire, lol
QUOTE(Rayme @ Jul 8, 2006 - 10:37 AM) [snapback]453388[/snapback]

The moral of the story is to use the spare tire, lol

no kidding! and to make sure and check the spare tire pressure to make sure its not flat too!
I'm driving around right now with a spare tire. I just went to BJ's wholesale, to pick up a new tire, the same brand as the other three. It's a BF Goodrich Traction T/A tire. It's a special order tire so I have to wait for a while. For now, I just covered up the celi.
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