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Full Version: bad day
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I just had one of those day,, I woke up and went to see my friend, he pointed out that my rims were awefully dirty, and specially the front passenger one..upon closer inspection it was full of grease, the whole inside of the rim and wheel well...The CV boot exploded!!! mad.gif

2 hours later, I bought a new split type boot (temporary fix), and coming home from the store I start hearing some grinding when I applied the brake, wtf????

I come home and take out the front caliper where the noise was coming from, thinking of finding a rock or something...the freaking inner pad was worn to the rivet! mad.gif

ack..80$ later its all fixed, I love free labor (me) laugh.gif
We all have one of those days. Look in the bright side, nothing bad happened. : )
ya i had a day like that today. i got a scratch in my paint and i went to one of thoes manual car washes you know with the quarters and the power sprayer thing. well to make a long story short. the sprayer caught and edge or something and made the scratch into a rip thats like the size of a 50 cent coin its huge and im pissed cause right after i was finished i was going to use touchup paint on it. blehh!!
i hoping that never happens too me but im pretty sure that it will come
if only the inner pad was worn all the way down and the outer was still thick, then the caliper is sticking, either slides or the piston.
I had my passengers side boot bust on me last year and didn't know it. I found it when I installed my new springs and saw all that black oil all over the inside of my rim. The boot had evidently busted quite some time before I noticed so I ended up having to get a whole new axle because it was cheaper to go that way than to have the bearings and stuff cleaned and buy a new boot. Sorry to hear about that stuff that happened to you but glad you got it fixed.
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