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Full Version: TurBonaToR....HuH ??
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so....on the homepage of this site...there is a link to ''the TURBONATOR'' !!!......and i looked at it....and it sounds like it has potential....but at the same time soudns like a big load of **** if that thing actully works...ima buy one. so does anyone actully know if it works???or does anyone have one??
oh, here we go again! wink.gif

you'll see the same "gains" with it as if you'd put a banana in the intake, it doesnt do jack exept restricting the airflow

Now, it feels like my car has a turbo charger

The Turbonator is much less expensive and more efficient than any turbocharger, supercharger, blower, or intercooler
haha! biggrin.gif laugh.gif
so its a pile of crap right?
don't waste your money,but if you really want to test it just bend your own out of a peice of metal tongue.gif
haha alrihgt.
so how much do turbos normally cost for teh celi ?
hundreds. thousands. if you really wanna test out the turbonator for yourself, there's a knockoff on ebay for like 20 bucks. i honestly don't think it'll do much, but don't take our word for it.
KB, learn to use the search function, and post in the appropriate forum from now on please.
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