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Full Version: New to the Forum - soon to be penniless...
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Hi all! I've got a '96 vert - white - completely stock, and I am so excited to find this forum! I've been wanting to upgrade the Celi for a while now, but I'm not really into the tuner scene so I had no idea where to start. I've been reading here for ideas, and I'm afraid you guys are going to make me spend all my money!
First mod - new shocks/struts, I think. Ride has been spongy for a while now. After that, who knows what...
I don't want to lower it but I do want some decent handling - what's the consensus for recommendations on brand/type of shock/strut? Also, anyone know of any good shops in South Carolina for general suspension work and other potential mods? Specifically the Columbia area, but I'm willing to travel a bit. I did a search and didn't come up with anything - I guess there's not too many of us in SC, eh?
let me be the first to saw, welcome aboard for as shocks and struts go check out the kyb series. They are nothing goldy, but affordable...and being that im in pitt pa, i cant help ya with shops in your area. Hope u enjoy it here, oh and p.s also remember to try searching before you post questions. you'll usually find someone has already asked a question and the anwser is right thier
hello! welcome to the site smile.gif .

haha yeah things usually tend to cost a lot of money haha, but its ok, just take your time with everything and im sure you'll be happy smile.gif
welcome. if you're afraid of being broke, go with the kyb's. you can get them for under 200. you're probably gonna end up broke anyway cuz there's not a lot of aftermarket support and our cars are getting rarer and rarer. but you'll love it. and post some pics.
Hi there,

I'm a couple hours south of you, in Savannah, GA. I do mostly engine work but I can take care of a suspension for you no problem. smile.gif

i live in charlotte, a few hours drive. just check ebay! thats what i do
struts and shocks...we have..
KYB-GR2 - either 2 front shock inserts or 2 struts and 2 rear struts $200-$225
Monroe - 4 struts $200-250
Bilstein - 2 front shock inserts and 2 rear struts $300
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