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Full Version: So Im leaving too.
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Hey guys

Let me start off by saying thanks for all the help. I learned how to do alot of mods from this site. I started off with a stock celi and look at the thing now! It was all fun and the member's advice is priceless. The DIY section was so great. I still love the celica and I think its a great looking car. I just wish the GT-4 came out in the US. But anyways Im selling my celica and buy a 2004 BMW M3. If anyone is interested in a great deal for a Celica GT check buy/sell section. So just wanted to depart with

Takecare and thanks for all the help.



IPB Image


IPB Image
Akimbo won't regret it
i want an m3. i want a gt-four even more. anywho... take care dude. good luck with the sale.
HMPH!! fine just leave.

see if i care......frown.gif
nice, m3 biggrin.gif sounds yummy tongue.gif

but a gt4 is way to yummy to be eaten tongue.gif laugh.gif

Thats how life goes, we all move on, but sometimes its nice to see people stick around as long as they can. take it easy. Same for me, I love the 6gc, who doesn't. I've been thinking of getting a WRX or an MR2. I have too many cars, and I almost had to think of getting rid of one of them in order to get another. However, I could not bare the thought of letting go of the celica. Haha, almost scared myself there.
Best of luck!

Sorry to see ya give up the celica... Just hope you put a lot of thought into it cuz once its gone.. its gone frown.gif
I still love the celica and will visit now and then if I can help. I ve gotten so much help from the people here I cant completly abandon them and I have to keep coming back for the GT-4 pics. Thanks for the well wishers I'll post some pics of the M3 if I get it. I'm still selling the celica if anyone is interested I got the 16 rims for sale too the ones of a 2000 celica.

thanks again

i still remember that day taking the first pic... your car came a long way! sorry to see you go, i know the m3 will treat u right
going from a celi to an M3 is a huge leap, you wont miss the celi, lol.
Going to a Beamer is a good jump. I wish I had a different car everytime I autocross.. but then again I love it when I beat modded hondas/nissans in my stock ST lol
Hey tim. Yeah thanks for that pic. Its a shame would couldnt have met up. But yeah it was real fun on this forum and I will be getting back here to see whats cooking with gt-4s I finally got the M3 and loved the celica so much I picked the same color

Thanks guys

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
good luck mang, glad to see you happy wink.gif
still think the celi looks better.

Very nice M3 though. How much is that thing over there? In my country you would need to pay around $20 per 1cc import tax so just do the math.
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