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Full Version: i want to know if i was overcharged for having my a/c fixed?
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i got my a/c done today at TireCraft because they have a big sign that says the can do an a/c check up for only $39.95.
anyway, it just so happens there was a leak at the "scraeder valve". how much is a scraeder valve and how hard is it to install one? because the part cost me $34 and the labor to fix it was another $39.99.. then the cost of freon was $14.95/lb so no big deal there.

then the air conditioning service (labor) is another $99.95 for something that took them 30 mins or less. so total labor is $180 ($39.95 + 39.99 + $99.95) when it took about 45 mins all together, if not less. the total cost was $250 after parts and taxes.

am i just being cheap? or did they really overcharge me. i thought the average hourly labor wage is about $40/hour.

what really got to me was the look they gave me.. i kinda had the impression that they threw extra charges to see if i'd bite the bait. but i did anyway.
WHAT!? $34 for that stupid valve!? they aren't that exspensive, maybe like $2 honestly. it's that little pin that keeps the refridgerant from coming out. Pretty much the same thing that are in tires that keep the air from coming out. All you have to do is use a little tool, unscrew the old one, and screw a new one in. (but obviously after you evacuate the system of refridgerant or else it's going to get everywhere and release freon into the atmosphere which is illegal to do, but people do it anyways)

How come your refridgerant was so cheap? Are you still using r-12 since your car is a 95? or did you get it retro fitted for r-134a? r-12 is usually $50 a lbs. so you got a good deal there if thats what you got. It cools better anyways. If they really get paid that much than damn! i should really start looking into a job doing A/C cuase it's really easy, it's just that the machines are kinda exspensive. But wow.. $39.99 for just a check up? and then another $99 for labor? rawr, why do they charge so much.

Anyways. atleast your car is blowing cold! smile.gif
is the schrader valve on the silver evaporator tube near the firewall? or is it the one close to the front near the radiator and condensor?
there is one on each. The one closer to the firewall is the High side. and the one near the condenser is the Low side. smile.gif
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