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Full Version: Ground Wires
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Do ground wire sets have any real benefit? They're advertised as giving a few Horsepower and smoothing out the idle, but is that for real? Just asking because they have universal kits for $25 on ebay compared to $100 for hyperground.
If memory serves me correct, Super Street did a story on it a little while back. Yes, they do work. But I'd go ahead and go with the Hyperground, because you don't really know it's universal. Maybe you could email some of the past buyers of them on eBay, though.
There is a previous thread on this, I think the conclusion is something like: Maybe. Do a search.
Hey, but tell me how they work out. I would definitly get them if they gave me some horse.
hyper ground has been dyno tested and it gives a good 5hp, and 5ft/lbs of torque along with brighter headlishts, and stronger current, for continous power.
Read this thread
BlackandTan, not always, read the previous thread westminist posted
well, like inferno says email the buyers, and those universal kits should be fine because the only difference should be that the ground straps will be longer than you need.

correct me if I'm wrong
In sport compact car, they made the test with two different vehicles, and both showed around about 5hp, gains, and 5ft/lbs. of torque, the one car that got the system and didn't recieve any power was most probably due to..ricey modifications, sucha as
1. Too many neo lights
2. some sort of disco like dome light
3. useless indiglo shifter
4. vibrating dildo, attatched to the cigarette lighter

hahaha.. jus kidding
-luke biggrin.gif
Hey man. Try to keep it PG-13.
I was just thinking the same thing
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So does anybody here actually HAVE ground wires?
I have them on. they provide smoother start, maybe a little gain but something around 2 hp not more...
i will install them next week and i dont realy care if they work they are free (sponsorted) anyway i will tell you if they worth the trouble
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