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I'm trying to concentrate on finishing my car for shows, but I still want to do enough to my engine so it's not completely "no go." Atleast just until I can focus on swapping the engine. Anyway, I wanted to hear some feedback on anyone who's done it, or if I should even do it. Thanks.
It's always a good mod, no matter what car you are doing it on. I think whether you should do it or not all depends on how much its going to set you back. I look at porting / polishing the heads as an intake / exhaust mod. Some people have said they've gotten around 10-20 HP from this mod alone.

You sound like you know what the process is, so I won't go in depth, but you will get much better intake and exhaust flow by opening up the ports and cleaning all the sharp edges and burrs from inside your head.

If you have the money to spend on it I'd say go for it, its something I haven't done, but am looking into atm. (need to find a good engine shop nearby).
See it really depends. The 7AFE doesn't lose all of it's power in the head, so it's going to be a good mod but not as good as gains as someone with a 5sfe. The 5sfe probably loses 70% of it's lost horsepower in the head. It's always a good idea, especially on higher mileage engines. Also gives a chance to replae any engine internals you think are in need of replacement.
So how much money am I looking to throw into my engine to port & polish it?
Thanks guys, I greatly appreciate the help. I think this was one of the most helpful and intellegent posts I've ever read, so thanks. As for the cost, it wouldn't be any less than $500, and that is a VERY VERY good price.
For free might be cheaper...or close to free anyways.

DIY Port Polish
I've done it myself and for sure it's cheaper, it just take you some hours of work but the results you have are great!!! wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif
edo what tools did you for the actual removal / polishing of the metal? A die grinder with attachments like in the tutorial shown below or something else? Can you give us a bit of an explanation as to how you went about it?

I'd love to do this job myself, always loved metalwork through school. I think if I attempted it I'd go find another head though biggrin.gif
Yes, I used tools like the tutorial posted. it's not a very hard work but do it well require patience.
here is a pic of the exhaust ports enlarged and polished:
wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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