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Full Version: stage 1 clutch kit?????????
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There is a guy on ebay who is selling a stage 1 clutch kit for extremely cheap. I was wondering what this would do for my car? I don't know much about that area. Would it benefit me? What could I expect? Is this worth it?? thanksFONT=Optima] [/FONT] confused.gif confused.gif confused.gif
well not unless he's selling it cheap, do you have an st or a gt?

the stage one is almost stock, but you dont need it unless its really cheap, or you have a engine that is more powerful than stock. and at that point, I would recommend a stage 2 or 3

anyone correct me if I'm wrong
Yeah Our clutch naming system works differently than yours, but only the other day I picked up what would probably be a stage 2 I suppose - Crazy pressure plate, single clutch disc, new bearing, and machined flywheel.

This clutch is crazy. I stalled the car twice just trying to get out of the workshop biggrin.gif

I think I would gain probably 1 second or more in the quarter with this clutch! - When I downshift when driving through the hills, I have to be careful not to spin the wheels! and I have only once managed to take off in 1st with no chirp !

So I would say, If your stock clutch is on its way out, get a nice clutch kit, and a lightened flywheel!
ohh, badass, maybe I need that, how much did it cost you?
Stage 1 and stage 2 clutches are almost the same the only major difference is the holding capacity and with our cars which don't put put a lot of horse power anyways I don't thing it will matter unless you have a turbo with a lot of boost or your running a crazy nitrious system it won't matter weather you get a stage 1 or a stage 2 your not going to tell a difference. I have a stage 1 Centerforce and I love it! Shifts hard, and really throws you around when shifting. My friend used to have a Centerforce stage 2 in his car, and he said he couldn't tell a difference in the clutchs. Keep in mind he did have a civic. And you would have to have somebody test both to know what the difference would be on a celica.

And one last thing is that I have heard that if you get a heavy duty clutch and don't have the hp to back it up it can hurt your car a lot more than it helps. Also don't just think that because it says it's stage 2 it is better it really depends on your plans for the car. And I'm not telling you what to get, get what you want because it is your car. I just wanted to let people now that theres really no difference between stage 1 and stage 2.
The main reason I decided to spend a bit extra was because of lasting time. Generally the more heavy duty the clutch the longer it will last.

Going against 94Toy's advice, Because the difference in price is so minimal ($100 AU to get the next stage for me) I would say get the best clutch for your budget. I got a good quality heavy duty clutch for the same price toyota was going to charge for their OEM noname brand...

Also I find it kind of difficult to believe that a 'stage 2' clutch is going to damage your celica any more than a stocky.

btw heres a pic of the pressure plate:

user posted image

vs the stock:

user posted image
Unless its really cheap and you need to change your stock one, don't bother. Stage is probably the best to get for a daily driver/semi performance.
Stock oem toyota works just fine for me.
Kamix I never said it would damage a stage 2 would probably would be just fine. I was just saying that the only difference between stage 1 and stage 2 is the holding capacity of the clutch.
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