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Where can I get a front clip with the 4AGE and would it be more or less than a 4AGZE clip. Whats kind of power is the 4age putting out, the blacktop. Could someone tell me why I would get one over the other, i know the z is supercharged but the blacktop puts out comperable numbers without the SC. Is jarco the place for the n/a motor too?
the 4age is around 165 hp and the 4agze is 170hp approx. depending on gen..

the 4agze is less depending on where and what gen you get it...

i would definitely recommend the 4agze compared to the 4age.

supercharged vs n/a. you decide
I thought the 4AGE was only like 115-120HP. confused.gif confused.gif confused.gif confused.gif
Even the 20v 4a-ge is around 135-140 at best.
QUOTE (Mage @ Jun 20, 2003 - 7:36 AM)
Even the 20v 4a-ge is around 135-140 at best.

no the silver and blacktops make 160 and 165 HP, but but but, that's on 110 octane gas. they really suffer power wise on the US water. it makes a BIG difference.
I know 4agze is in 89 mr2's but what other cars have them anything newer than 89 ?
nothing newer in teh states w/ the 4agze. you can get up to a 95 AE101 from Japan w/ teh 4agze in it. i just got my hands on an 89 AE92 clip w/ teh 4agze. smile.gif.

thanks man
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