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Full Version: What is going on here!
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Okay well when I took my car in to get the suspenion fixed after I had a little mishap, my mechanic called and said that the spark plugs were covered in oil because something broke that keeps the oil away from the plugs and they were flooded and the car was ideling rough. So I told him to just go ahead and replace em. Then I got the car back and every once in a while the car will like-well the best way to describe it is hicup and the RPM's will brop from 800 at idle to 600, and then bounce right back. I think that mabey the car is not getting enough fuel I don't know, but when he replaced the plugs he used the stock stuff, and before I had platinum plugs so could this cause something wierd like this. I took it back and he said that he checked everything and couldn't find anything so he said that i have two options 1 put the stock intake back on or spend 85 on a fuel system cleaning. And I don't even now if this will fix the prob. Has this happened to anybody else and does anybody know how to stop it.
yes this has happend to me i think your problem is ure plugsi had platinums i my car then took them out an put the stock ones back in then my car was doin the exact same thing ures was just change them back an the prob will go away
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