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Full Version: Toyota Land Cruiser Help! Urgent! Rotor!
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Hey guys,

I know this doesn't really really belong here, but I'm in desperate need of help. I'm trying to replace the brake rotor on my friends mom's 96 Land Cruiser, and I seem to have removed everything holding it on - wheel, studs, lock retainer, greese cap.

Here's a picture of where we are.

user posted image

What do I do now? The thing is just...on there!

hope I am not too late to help. There should be a threaded hole in the rotor. Find a bolt that is the same thread as the hole. Screw it in and it should force the rotor off. If that does not work, try a hammer since you are replacing the rotor. The rotors tend to rust to the hubs over time.

good luck
Check the new ones you've got.
See if the brake disc comes with the wheel bearing...if so, you must take off the bearing.
If not, well, good luck ! Try to figure it out with the new one shape and all
Thanks geekboy. I'm good now.
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