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Full Version: Toyota T5000 alarm system
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Hey all, i have a 95 GT uk car which has got a dealer fit (pffft) alarm system. Im pretty sure its the t5000.

Most of it works fine, i just have no sound from it! im guessing my sirens broke (or not there!) but i cant find it ANYWHERE! Where is it installed???

The remote locking works fine and the alarm works (ie everytihing flashes) but no sound at all!

The other question about it is the immobilzer... is there one with the t5000? even with the alarm flashing i can start the car... which seems odd!

thanks in advance smile.gif james
Ok well i think ive found where the siren should sit, and the dealers wiring plug that goes into it... there are 4 wires going to the plug - these are:


Ive looked at a few sirens on ebay and they tend to have a red and a black (+/-) wire... what are the other 2 wires for? or am i barking up the wrong tree?

edit: Ive spoken to scorpion and they've confirmed that i have the right plug - they wouldnt tell me what the wires were tho! they tried to sell me a 30 + vat compatable siren... so what are they for?!!! can i just get a normal siren and run it from the red and black wires???
Well i guess no one could help then! I eventually figued it out (an took my chances!)

The 2 other wires are positive and negative triggers. Most alarms use just positive and negative with no triggers, however the scorpion systems do - including the t5000 (or scorpion 5000). This particular system had a poritive trigger, which meant that i linked the BROWN cable upto the positive on the siren.

Red - Positive
Black - Negative
Brown - Positive trigger
Orange - Negative trigger.

On the siren that i bought the +ve trigger was a white cable, which i connected to the brown and the orange was negative. ONLY EVER HAVE 3 OF THE 4 CONNECTED!!!! do not use the orange!!! Hopefully this'll help someone! smile.gif
Bit late on this thread.
Did you resolve your problem with the Scorpion Alart T5000?
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