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After being a member of the board for years, I finally decided that my dd was on her last leg and it was time to pick up another one. So I found this little gem on craigslist...

I just took some pics of the full stable, I just need them to load up to photobucket.


Oh I forgot to mention, Abby's a little bit broke...

Click linky smile.gif
Here are the ones I just took....

Looks really clean. Did they offer a warranty? frown.gif
Lets see under that hood!
Dam,how much was she,and dam if the rk is that loud on a video it has to be horrible in person..great looking car though!!!
Looks familiar, minus the alloys. Congratulations, save for your engine problem...
Thanks guys! smile.gif

Unfortunately, I bought her 'as is' so I'm basically screwed on the whole motor situation... But yea. The knock is definitely louder in person than in the vid... It's alright though, I just picked up a freshly rebuilt 5s from celicatech and I'll be dropping it in this week. biggrin.gif

I'm actually about to head down to Ohio for DSM Shootout, but when I get back I'll be posting up some more pics of the motor thats in her now, as well as the beats... smile.gif
5TH GEN! 5TH GEN! 5TH GEN! haha, sorry. kindasad.gif
OooOoOoouuUuu! She is sooooooooooo clean! Hope you are happy with her, I mean, you were a members for years and finally decide on one. So you better stick around. She will take good care of you, trust in that.
Why not just upgrade to a 3S-GTE if the motor has to be thrown out anyway?
sounds like a lawnmover... thats too bad

heard some flies on the video too
Well... I just got back from Ohio and as promised, here are the pics smile.gif


Custom painted heat shield and valve cover... biggrin.gif

Boosted: lmao the 5g is my original love.... Its taken me a little bit to warm up to the 6g (sorry folks)

Stranger: I know that once a finish the 'heart transplant' she'll be very reliable... That was what sold me on her............... NO RUST!!!! smile.gif

Ferdi: I've already got a 3s powered car, now I need something with some decent gas milage. Rest assured though, I have almost everything I need for a 5SFTE minus engine management.

njccmd2002: laugh.gif I didn't realize that was in the vid until later lmao


Here are some pics of the sounds in case any of you are interested...

Man nice car in and out but without that knocking that car would be cherry biggrin.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif P.S. hey give pics after you swap engine I would like to see it.
I got the motor out a 4:00pm this afternoon smile.gif

Hood on the 90 GTS parts car...

Mileage (for documentation's sake)



And OUT!

Just hanging around...

New motor.....

Dirty oil (I couldn't see any chunks come out of it....)

I tried to get both motors and the car in one shot.... lol

Hopefully the new motor will be going in by the end of the week. *crosses fingers*
Your front is IDENTICAL to mine.

Good luck with the swap!
Wow, looks neat !
I'm liking the valve cover and heat shield on the old motor. You swapping those onto the new one?
Thanks guys... biggrin.gif

I will be putting my old VC and the heat shield on the new motor. I really like how they turned out, so I'm going to keep it. It beats having a plain engine bay...

I just got home from the pole barn and I think that I made some decent progress for working by myself...


Removed the harness from the old motor and installed on the new one.
Replaced the throttle body.
Pulled the tranny, clutch and flywheel.
Swapped injectors (the rail is different from the 92 'vert rail)
And moved the AC compressor and PS pump to the new motor.

Overall, I think that it was a good night's work!
Motor's in! Unfortunately, I'm hung up on getting a new fuel filter. I went to every parts store in the county and no one had a fuel filter for the car.... Unbelievable!

Anyway, here are some progress pics. These were taken Friday night....

I'll get some carnage pics up tomorrow, but the rod bearing in cylinder 1 grenaded. There's shrapnel laying at the bottom of my oil pan...

Just a little closer.... smile.gif

A little more....
QUOTE (bloodMoney @ Aug 14, 2009 - 9:13 AM) *
After being a member of the board for years, I finally decided that my dd was on her last leg and it was time to pick up another one. So I found this little gem on craigslist...

I just took some pics of the full stable, I just need them to load up to photobucket.


Oh I forgot to mention, Abby's a little bit broke...

Click linky smile.gif

lol I was going to buy this same car
After all is said and done, I still thank god that you didn't. smile.gif

It was a heartache to get her where she is, but 1600 miles later, I love this car the more I drive it.... I don't know that I would've bought a 6g if I hadn't picked this one up.

So I went back to Chicago for the weekend and the wifey had a little suprise waiting for me....

Apparently, her a Vincent_Doggy went behind my back to get me a great early birthday gift! smile.gif

I really don't like being kept out of the loop, but by all means Vince.... smile.gif

I also took a pic of the engine 2000 miles after the blow smile.gif
So, I figured that I'm just going to make this my project thread....

Anyway.... Time for a little update! After making a huge mistake and remote starting Abby into my neighbor's jeep I've got almost all the parts I need to get her back into shape (I'm waiting on my headlights from a guy on I'll be replacing the body panels in the spring so that nothing else happens this winter. But on top of replacement parts, i decided to spoil her a bit and pick up some JDM tails that I just couldn't pass up.

I just got back from putting them on and they look AMAZING!!!

In process....


After a little wash biggrin.gif

Huge props to Richee3 for getting me these tails! Thanks again buddy!

I'm not gonna lie, those lights look pretty good on your car. Glad to see they got there!
I think so too... smile.gif

Turns out the passenger side harness didn't work, so I just swapped out my USDM harness on the one side lol

Thanks again Daniel!
dam from chicago ey? yer the first ive actually seen. lol we should meetup sumtime. btw nice ride
I think that there are a couple of alltrac guys may be getting together this weekend, apparently there is a meet

theres a meet with JDM Chicago, at grossinger toyota. its an indoor meet, kinda like a drive in movie. therell be food drink and people to talk to. therell also be raffle tickets to buy, and a free car wash. its a free meet. its at 830.

I'll find out later all the details.
I just wanted to post some pics that I just took of both cars freshly washed before the JDM Chicago meet tonight...

In the words of the GF "Baby's got a nice ass..."

I got Richee3's HIDs in this week and put them in yesterday. Needless to say that I'm really pleased with the way they look.

Dan: I ended up using the 4300K bulbs b/c I couldn't get the 6000Ks to fit in the light housings properly. Thanks again though!

WOOT!WOOT smile.gif

EDIT: That knocking that you hear is my throwout bearing.... Its done that since I put the motor back in the car. I'm not too worried about it cause I'll probably end up changing out the clutch this summer.
it's very nice yet u left out yet custom driver side fender. And it was FREE lol
HID's look good! Hopefully you get to use them longer than I did! I never had anybody flash their lights at me with them, and I was always worried about how the yellow fog lights looked with the white HID's, but I asked a few of my friends when I passed them and they all reported that the fog lights actually looked kinda white too, so don't worry about those. Everyone also said it was very easy to tell when it was me coming down the road because of how the lights are arranged on the car and the fact that I had the brightest lights, but not blinding. So you're all set thumbsup.gif
Looking good!
Wow. I need to update this.....

After my little oops over the winter, I finally got around to getting the new fender put on....

From this:

To this:


I'll post up more when I'm not feeling so lazy.....
Alright, so I haven't updated this is a minute, but since the last time some stuff has happened....

On my way to my college graduation, the clutch went out on me.... So a clutch job in 10*F was fun....

My two babies in the same garage! (it doesn't happen often)

We pulled the motor to get to the trans since we were having issues with frozen cross member bolts. Harness unplugged from inside the car and pulled through the firewall.

Hood off, check. Though we put it on top of the car rather than on the floor for fear of our friend's Australian Shepherd.

Cherry picker, check.

I decided that 1 human power was momentarily better than a 5sfe's horsepower.

So the throwout bearing has been clicking for over a year, and we thought it finally grenaded itself. But once we got the trans apart, here is what we found.

Check out those awesome springs!

So, we come to find that the clutch disc threw a spring. The spring itself snapped into four separate pieces, which is what I'm holding in my hand. That was our problem. Surprisingly, the throwout bearing was still intact. In any case, it all got replaced.
Okay, so two weeks ago, a friend came in to visit us and we decided to have a little winter photoshoot smile.gif

^Soldier Field

^This is on Lower Wacker Drive. (where the chase scenes from Dark Knight and Blues Brothers were filmed smile.gif )

^I thought this was cool, it shows my 4300k lows and 3000k fogs smile.gif

The next two were taken in front of the Field Museum

^I liked this one a lot, but it’s for celicatech lol
looking good my friend thumbsup.gif

we need a photoshoot again too
Thanks buddy! We sure do need to get together again.... Especially now that its getting nice out!
i wanna come lol

QUOTE (bloodMoney @ Mar 16, 2011 - 12:04 PM) *
Thanks buddy! We sure do need to get together again.... Especially now that its getting nice out!


We probably won't actually meet up until the meet, but if we do, I'll send you a text Skyler smile.gif
Got this done earlier today and all I have to say is that I'm in love.....

Now I just need new doors and front splitters and I'm done body-wise smile.gif
I still want a cookie....

The splitters look great, Chris. Pictures don't do them justice.
QUOTE (richee3 @ Apr 10, 2011 - 10:38 AM) *
I still want a cookie....

The splitters look great, Chris. Pictures don't do them justice.

Thanks guys smile.gif

But its time for a pre-dragon update.

After installing a godspeed radiator and fans, the fans pushed my alternator too far....

So, I replaced it with a 160A unit. It was relatively cheap, so if I get a year out of it, I'll be pretty happy.

After all that, it turns out that the heater core was leaking as well.... Looks like Stacy had some work to do!

I love this girl smile.gif

She got this far in just over an hour.....

Last night, we got the car all back together and flushed the cooling system.

Tomorrow, we're going to try and get the rest of my presents in...
HPS pads are nice man, I like them. Good compromise for daily driving and a little weekend fun, however that first 1 or 2 cold stops....they don't bite so hard so be prepared.
^^ agreed good stuff right there
They couple well with ceramic pads in the rear with a more constant grab hot or cold, reason being you'll lock your rears up with a pad that grabs hard halfway into a stop. The HPS is... interesting. I can feel them heat up and bite down as they heat up in a stop, which is great in the front since weight transfers to the front..however with weight transferring away from the rear and the pads heating up and grabbing harder you'll get the rears locking up once you're into the stop already. If you're running around a track its no problem because the pads and rotors stay hot, even in the rear. However in a panic stop when you're just slamming on the brakes you could find that to be a problem.

Ceramic pads tend to have a constant coeff of friction hot or cold, so the rears grab the same no matter which will help to keep them from locking during a panic stop and keep you from sliding your ass around. ABS negates this problem. I know 7th gen brakes are not the same, but I can lock my rear with relative ease with the SS brake hoses even with ceramic pads (Wagner). HPS up front and Wagner rear are a good combo I think, but they're the only combo I know on my Celica...and I'll stick with them. On my old car I had Wagner ceramic up front and drum rear, so I can attest to how constant the friction is on that brands ceramic...they had the same exact grab no matter hot or cold...which feels funky as hell coming from HPS.
Thanks Jordan. I'll keep that in mind tonight after I get them installed.

I hope that they will stay hot while I'm on the Dragon... smile.gif
Honestly you may never encounter a problem, just watch out if you're cruising on the highway and make a panic stop on wet road is all.
Well we hit a problem alright.....

Things are just a little too big for the front. After putting the fronts all together, they were too tight to allow any free wheel rotation. So were going to have to figure out how to modify them just a little so that im not burning the brakes up while I'm driving....

The rears fit fine though....
Hm? too tight? Aren't they all stock replacement parts? Slides all move? pistons not seized? brake hoses not damaged? etc? Quick test, when the wheels are not turning freely open the brake bleeder. if the wheel then spins free its a bad hose holding pressure in the caliper. One side or both? MOAR INFO! laugh.gif Don't make me go up there and sort it out for you.
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