The Suspension, Handling & Braking thread.

Handling Write-Up - A great write-up on the basics of suspension and handling for the 6GC.
'The Ultimate Guide to Suspension & Handling' Discussion thread. - Great indepth information. [External links]
Adjustable coilover suspension. - A list of different brands. (Updating Version)
Suspension parts (springs and coilovers) - A list of different brands.
Superstrut Suspension - This explains the difference between Superstruts & MacPherson. struts.
Strutbrace/Strutbars - Pictures and explains the difference they make.
Sway Bars (Suspension Techniques) - A thread about front and rear sway bars, and how they perform over stock.
Endlink Remove and Install - Great how to article and info thread. (Full of Diagrams, charts, pictures etc)
Tie Rod Remove and Install - Great how to article and info thread.
US front and rear strut suspension - Diagrams with part numbers for OEM suspension.
Coilover Discussion - About adjustable coilovers (settings etc)
Super-Strut Supension parts - A great list of suspension parts for the superstrut models (ST205 and ST202.)
Superstrut to Macpherson. - Great info for superstrut ST205 & ST202 owners wanting to swap to Macpherson suspension.
Superstrut measurements. - For USDM Celica owners thinking of converting to superstrut.

Twin Pot front brake upgrade. - Bolt on Caliper upgrade for the GT and ST.
AT200 brake upgrade - ST165 or ST185 brakes on a AT200.
GT Four Brakes - GT-Four brake conversion.
Lexus LS400 brakes - An alternative for the ST205 brake swap.
Related GT4 brake topics/Big brakes:

Wheels/ Rims/ Tires
Tire basics - A great info thread to learn what the numbers on the tire mean.
Rim help - A great thread about rims (weight, size) and their affects.
Wheel offset - Explains different wheel offsets.
Flush Fit, wheel fitment. - Getting the offset right, for a flush fit.
Rim and Tire dealers. - Rim & Tire dealer sites.
Wheel refurbishment. - An awesome write up on how refurbishing your wheels.

Weight reduction thread. - Weight saving tips, ideal for tracking.

How to Articles

Part Database

6GC part database- covering suspension upgrades. **Currently linked to our basic part list.**