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Full Version: VeilSide or 7psi
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Cant reall choose. Though watching 97scelica's video is pleasing I cant decide putting on a grade A kit but never moving or seriously moving but sacraficing engine life rolleyes.gif
I voted 7psi. The Celica already looks great stock. smile.gif
7 psi... Better have power and only then looks...
7psi casue your going to look even better blowing buy some ahole in his rice rocket ..... wink.gif
7psi our stocker looks nice and sleeper is the ****
I'm going for show, so i'm the only one voted for the kit wink.gif
I want to buy a 2nd car to make it my sleeper, a corolla smile.gif
guess what i voted for, lol

my advice tho, try to get a new or remanufactured turbo, my used turbo has finally pissed me off to the point to give up on it and get a new one(and im a very stubborn person)
biggrin.gif 1 more for boost.

QUOTE (1bwilson @ Nov 21, 2003 - 10:45 PM)
biggrin.gif 1 more for boost.


make that 2. Better to be power hungry biggrin.gif

boost. Just get side skirts and rims for exterior. The rest is just.... more.
Boost!!! Looks are nice, but i dont like kits much if you want looks do skirts/rims that sort of thing, not kit I say.
I don't see how this is even a question, of course you go for more power, what's the use of having a car that looks fast when it isn't?
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