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Full Version: Smell Gas??
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Hi, I've been noticing when I fill my tank up for the first 1/4th I smell gas. I have nothing leaking or dripping from my car so I find this really odd. I get 26-32miles per gallon so I wonder whats going on?
could be the fuel vapors venting from the tank as you're filling.
Yeah, But I its weird that it would be doing that for so long. I could understand after a fresh fill. Makes me wounder if the top of my tank is rotting or something.
I'm having the same problem at the moment. I noticed the strong smell as soon as I filled up my tank. I had it looked at just to see if it was my lines, but my mechanic said it was the tank. He could see vapor trails. It can only be bought directly from Toyota from what I understand he tried looking for an aftermarket so he wouldn't have to go directly through toyota, but no luck.

mikemikula have you investigated any further what yours may be?
i have the same problem.

early yesterday, i filled the tank to a click... then added an extra 30-40 cents (CND) to round up to the nearest dollar.
I didnt see anything overflowing at the time... i then drove about 30-40 kms on the highway to the mechanic..
once up on the hoist the mechanic pointed it out... a strong gas smell... no drips, no visible leaks, just smell...

ill have to take a closer look.. hopefully i just overfilled the tank!
prolly a hole on the top of the tank.

nothing a patch made out of a redbull can, and some JB weld cant fix!
I have the same problem, havent gotten a chance to look at it but i wonder what it is...
QUOTE (presure2 @ Oct 22, 2010 - 8:38 AM) *
prolly a hole on the top of the tank.

nothing a patch made out of a redbull can, and some JB weld cant fix!

Safety First!
I had one 5th gen and 2 6th gen and they all smelled gas... i think its common to pretty much any celi... but i did noticed on 2 that the gas tank was made in two parts and it was either dripping or smelling much more near the joint from the lower and upper part.
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