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Full Version: RPM difference
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So I noticed that my 96 GT rpm is higher than my 95 GT.

On the 95 GT, @60mph rpm is 3k - idles at 800rpm

On the 96 GT, @60mph rpm is 3.3k - idles at 1-1.1k rpm

I noticed that the blinkers are blue on the 96 and theres some signs that the gauges has been modified.

So how would I know if the rpm on the tachometer is the correct reading or if the needle needs to be calibrated? Thanks
check your rpm readings with other geears, if its 300 difference everywhere, then your tach is off
Wheel and tire size can affect the RPM difference.
I have the stock wheels right now.
QUOTE (nics @ Oct 20, 2010 - 6:44 PM) *
I have the stock wheels right now.

yea sorry man if the blinkers arent fart green then its not stock and someone got in there. Trust the 95. I ruined my old civic's tach and fuel gauges that way from trying to put on some glow gauges. stupid 20 dollar gauges costed me another hundred to get a new cluster because the fuel needle snapped completely, and although the tach needle came off and went back on with careful measurement, it just never worked right again. If you dont care the difference and dont feel like buying a new cluster, just keep it in mind when you drive. The needle is just off a tad. DO NOT pull of the needle and try to adjust it in any way yourself! It is VERY hard to do properly without ruining anything (I am by no means mechanically challenged, work as a dental assistant, and my trained hands still managed to fudge half my cluster needles).

live with it
I dont have the right tools for now so i'll leave it with the pros. I'll just have it looked by toyota for now.

Does a vacuum leak have your idle high or low? (low like 750 below)
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