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Ok so I've done searching over the internet and on here and im wondering if someone can help me out to giving me a website where I can get a good deal, on a 3sgte with the ecu and uncut harness. Im wanting to swap my 98 gt. But also a quick question while im on here, with the harness will I have to cut another whole in the harness or what I've never been clarified on that.
Hey sizzles... Venus auto is a good place to start if you are looking for a 3s front clip.. has some st185 clips for around 1300, and quite a few canadian importers have cheaper shipping to the lower 48 than a lot of their US counterparts, surprisingly... are you looking for a 185 or 205 clip? As far as the wiring, don't even mess with it. After you receive your engine, send your 98 gt harness and the harness from your clip to phoenix tuning (tweakd performance now) They'll splice the two seamlessly and you'll have a plug n play harness. They charge about 90 an hr, and you're prolly lookin at 6-7 hrs for a 185, and 4-5 for a 205, I believe. They do amazing work. Absolutely worth every penny. Again,, jdmonline, and venus auto engines come with uncut harness and ecu. hope this helped.
check out:
forget both of those.
venus is cool (ive bought from them before) but theyre clips are usually pretty crappy.
RPM garage is overpriced.
the member _jim_ here on the board is the most reliable, dependable source for a engine set or clip for your 6th gen.
he owns and drives 6gcs, so he knows what we need, and what we are looking for.
he also provides plug and play setups, that you just swap in, plug in, and drive away.
well im looking more for the engine with the ecu and harness, i dont have room for a whole clip. so let me get this straight. you have to splice the 3sgte harness into the 5sfe harness so it will reach through the firewall or what? i havent quite grasped this yet.
yes you need to wire the harness to work with the 5s fuse box in the engine bay.

jim sells plug and play packages, that you litterally do the swap, plug it in, and fire it up.
he does sell just motor sets with ecu and uncut harness. i bought a motor set with ecu and harness from him, take a peek at my build thread and it will show u some pics of the motor set with ecu and harness when it was delivered to give u an idea of what you will get.

hope this helps.
ok i did some research and the front clip is the way to go. so with the harness you just have to convert it to fit the 5s fuse box?
QUOTE (Tsizzles98 @ Oct 21, 2010 - 4:28 PM) *
ok i did some research and the front clip is the way to go. so with the harness you just have to convert it to fit the 5s fuse box?

yes, and repin 1 wire on the interior for the clutch start switch.
QUOTE (presure2 @ Oct 21, 2010 - 6:31 AM) *
RPM garage is overpriced.

Amen to that.... Jesus are they 250 bucks for hood hinges....
ok so if i didnt want to invest money into getting the harness converted by someone else, cause its very pricey. what exactyl would i have to do? ive seacrhed all over and cant seem to find a thread that explains this. a link to one would be nice, or something, thanks.
really you think rpm garage is overpriced. maybe yes because you have to pay for shipping from japan and on top of that the $530 for customs fee once it ships to your nearest ports. but $3000-3200 is the average price for a clip whether it be beams or 3sgte.
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