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Full Version: Clutch pedal adjustment
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Hello all!

I have a good mechanic, but he is not really familiar with Toyota's. He can detect most of the problems by listening, smelling etc., but he couldn't adjust my clutch pedal the right way. I think he only managed to loosen up the shifter cable by spinning two screws under the pedal.

I just want the clutch to "release" at a lower level, the main reason being that right now the pedal has a loooong way from up to down and the other way around, which is very unpleasant when trying to drive more sporty.

My car is a '95 6gc with 3sge engine, manual transmission, lhd.

One more question: is it possible that my clutch is dying every ~30k km because of a worn-out flywheel? Or could it be the fact that the clutch pedal is set too high? Or could it be just my bad driving skills? :|

Thanks a lot!

This is the same procedure as the celica.
You can adjust the push rod that goes through the firewall for your clutch to change the place it grabs. Its a bit tough to get a wrench on there to loosen the nut locking it, but once you do you can adjust it to where you want. I'll try to get a pic if I get a chance.

Romania! I have a friend here at school here in the states who is from Constanta! He attended the naval/military academy over there for a year and now is here at our Academy. biggrin.gif
Thank you both for the replies, tomorrow I'm going to try adjusting the clutch myself. It seems like an easy job, but it must be done carefully and step by step. I'll reply after my attempt. I'll probably choose the "general", non-6gc-specific way, since it seems more precise to me.

@jcbass7: I'd leave Romania to come to the states too, tomorrow if possible... but I have a wife, a little girl on her way and I've also spent 16 years studying for what I do now, so it would be pretty difficult for me to start over or adapt somewhere else frown.gif
OP have you adjusted it yet?
I've finally did it today, but it's too late. My clutch is starting to wear off again, after not more than ~20.000 km. This time I really need to replace the flywheel too.
Thank God it's almost winter here, so the tyres will be more slippery than the clutch biggrin.gif

About the adjustment, I've managed to lower the "release" point, but the pedal's highest position went down a few milimeters and it's not that stiff anymore (actually, it's really soft right now, from the "release" point to it's highest position).

What I was trying to do was to keep the same stiffness to the pedal, the same pedal height and lower the clutch "release" point. There is something that I didn't do right... I'll pay more attention to it when I'll replace the clutch next time.

Thank you wery much for your help anyway!

PS: why ain't I getting any email replies from 6gc?
The one you adjusted is the pushrod play correct?
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