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Full Version: Axle Carrier bearing !
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ok, little background,

E153 LSD passanger side

a few days ago I started to notice a sound coming from upper left side of my engine, needless to say, scared the sh## out of me, Sunday I decided to do a closer inspection and after a few minutes I discovered the source.

My axle carrier bearing ( pass side duh ! ) has some play in it and is causing the noise, now I've never taken that apart,

how is the bearing held in place ?
does it need to be pressed in ?
snap rings ?

I ordered the stuff already, I ordered a new bearing, and a snap ring that seemed to go with it.
I'd help you out, but i think my es300 axles are different.. ill have a look though
a snap ring holds the assembely together, although on my cousins car it wouldnt come apart, we had to take the carrier off the block.
that's easy enough, I was afraid of having to press the bearing as I don't have a press.... yet tongue.gif

Thanks a lot guys
the bearing is pressed onto the axle and the bearing assembly is held into the carrier with the large snap ring. You should be able to release the snap ring and pull the axle w/bearing strait out. Then the bearing needs to be pressed on/off from the axle.
I had my bearing replaced after I heard a kind of noise over there, it turned out to be a bad outer instead. The thing I don't like is using 15 year old outer axles with 2x as much power as it's supposed to have. If you get under the car and push up and down on the axle there should be very little play. If there is a bumping/clunking/excessive movement then most likely it's the axle.

edit, to clarify something
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