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Full Version: misfire
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so my car is nothing serious, but when i come to a complete stop, i can feel my car missfire...

the engine was rebuild about 2000 miles ago so i dont think it should be anything major...

when i rebuild the motor, i installed a new distributer, recently (2 weeks ago) changed the wires, and the plugs were new (never installed) but they WERE sitting in my garage for 6-8 months before installation.

what should i do??

the only thing i think i DID do wrong was that i didnt get the 1st oil change 1500 miles after the could that cuz this?? i just followed the haynes repair manual...

and i know i have a bad header gastet...the triangle one at the bottom...ive got ebay headers and cant find a new gaset...
You have a CEL on? Did you break in the engine correctly? Do a compression tell and tell use the #s.
its not going to help your misfire, but the correct.. or correct-er gasket for the ebay header is the donut style that the car uses stock. Go to your local autoparts store and get the stock type donut gasket, it still leaks a bit but not nearly as bad as the one the header comes with.
If you can let it set overnight, try copper gasket maker. The guys running turbos around here swear by it. I'm currently using it instead of buying gaskets and i haven't had any leaks. It will not work for the upper manifold but all others it'll work just fine.

As for the missfire, figure out which cylinder it is and go from there. Try pulling off each spark plug wire and you can find out which cylinder isn't firing. Did you gap the plugs before you put them in? Are the spark plug wires on snug?
well its not a really all that bad...i already tried pulling each wire out but it only makes it it should i guess...

and no i didnt gap them...the auto part store said they were pre-gapped for the car...

this might help:

i used
DENSO "twin tipped platinum" spark plugs...didNOT gap them
BOSCH wires.

and it miss fires every4-5 seconds...
mine was missin like mad wit denso iridium pulgs so chanded um to bosch now no more missin just surgin at 4000rpm lol think that fuelin problem tho
the platinum plugs might be your problem. on the newer celicas with COP (coil on plug) you really need to use an iridium or copper plug. for some reason the platinum just dont work. but on the older cars it might not be an issue.
If you pulled all the wires then 1 of them should have not changed.

Auto stores lie they're not gaped to spec, I would hav to say that's you problem. If not then check your button and cap for any uneven wear.
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