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Full Version: 383 stroker swap
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Hey guys anyone here know where i can find a rear diff. out of a gt4??? Not the diff. by itself but the whole thing suspension hubs spindles ect.. expeirimenting with a 383 stroker swap but need a complete rear end with suspension trying to figure out if we can use the a stock but rebuilt rear diff. with titanium gears and drive shaft ect. instead of having one built from scratch any suggestions welcome thanks guys.... i dont need to hear that this is not a possible swap we are in the process of doing this right now as soon as i get my motor mounts fabricated ill be posting picts in febuary if not sooner thanks just an estimate though hopefully sooner

excuse the bad punctuation i usually dont check it

orginaly we were gonna do the 2jzgte swap but the engine we got was damaged in tranit i didnt know this until we were getting things ready for it so tht idea was scrapped at least until next year. i hve 2 more celi's and tht is eventually gonna happen but not now. we went cost effective and i decided cheap reliable horses with parts for chevy's everywhere here in texas and literaly junkyards full of them with suspensions in tact i found parts real quick for the swap....
Why do the rear end from a GT4? Seems to be a moot point if you really do get the 383 in the engine bay. I'd personally go grab a rear end from a Camaro or Firebird, a rear end that you know will work well with the 383. The rest can be custom.
yeah i know wut you mean but its looking to be around 2-3k (i can most likly get this alot cheaper) to have the rear fabricated from scratch and i was told by the shop owner if i could get a rear from a gt4 he could rebuild it to handle the power for under 800 as not to many major mods are needed for the gt4 rear it would eliminate the need for fabricating and figuring everything to get the rear end from another vehicle so you can see how i would be interested in this but if not he said we would probly end up using a ford rear end so yeah jUst trying to save some needed cash in the long run or the swap takes even longer
why not just buy the rest of the camaro for the engine....its never going to be reliable in a car designed for a transverse engine. you'll twist things right apart.
naahh not quite we are in the middle of deciding wether to tube the front end an subframing options right now that and figuring where to go after installing the engine an tanny and wut to use we might stil settle for camaro rear but its sounding a bit more unlikley the more we talk about it ill keep you all updaTED ITS JUST GONNA a while before we decide wut to do
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